Unlocking the potential of your savings could save you even more by reducing costs and enhancing returns.


A Pie Fund that could be the key to realising your investment’s potential.

What makes the SR PIE Funds different

The support of Staples Rodway

SR Investment Management has instant access to the full accounting and taxation expertise of Staples Rodway, New Zealand’s leading association of independent Chartered Accounting firms. Staples Rodway was founded in 1945 with Staples Rodway Asset Management operating since 2000, and now has a nationwide network of seven offices.

A common sense investment in a volatile world

These are tough times for investors and have been for a while now. So we’ve been busy thinking about how we can provide an investment fund that gives you access to local and world markets with superior returns and fair and reasonable fees.

Lower risk access to world markets

With our SR PIE Funds we bring you easy access to a proven range of local and global funds in all the main asset classes. We have picked our funds on merit.

Keeping costs down

The PIE structure reduces the cost of planning for tax because it pays tax for you and eliminates the need to complete a separate tax return – provided you have no other sources of income. As at the date of this Investment Statement, our SR PIE Funds has no entry, exit or switching fees.

An ideal balance

We have designed the SR PIE Funds to be a suitable option for a wide range of investors, including newer investors with $10,000 upwards to invest and established investors with $500,000 plus to manage. In either case, the SR PIE Funds offers good diversification, exposure to local and world markets, an efficient tax structure and lower fees when compared to a personalised managed portfolio.

Fund options

SRIM Conservative Fund

SRIM Conservative Fund

Aimed at investors with a medium term investment horizon (3 to 5 years) seeking low volatility returns with the option of regular income (via the ability to make regular withdrawals).

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SRIM Balanced Fund

SRIM Balanced Fund

Aimed at investors with a medium to long term investment horizon (over 5 years), primarily seeking positive long-term capital appreciation from a mix of growth and income generating assets, and to maintain a level of security through diversification across multiple asset classes and investment markets.

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For more information about SR PIE Funds, please call Wayne Powell at Staples Rodway Asset Management Limited on (09) 309 0491.